Private Movie Theaters

There is no better way to spend a rainy afternoon than at the movies, which is why we salute the WHATLEY MANOR in England’s Cotswolds— a locale with more than its fair share of precipitation and not a cineplex within a 40-minute drive—for its recent addition of a plush screening room. It’s a much more appealing option than ordering a pay-per-view flick to the small screen in your room, and guests who use it for a private viewing of one of the 100-plus movies on hand find something far superior to the average theater experience: The crimson leather chairs are at least as roomy as a first-class airline seat, the matching suede walls lend a sexy aura, and the Whatley’s in-house brasserie, Le Mazot, will bring you pints of ale, plain or caramel popcorn, and club sandwiches that easily trump the nachos with processed cheese served at AMC. Rooms from $550;