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Playing the Markets

Benevolent Spirits

Wine and Spirits

Benevolent Spirits

A selection of alcohol-free mixers and aperitifs for a healthy, holistic cocktail...

The New Name in Thai Hospitality


The New Name in Thai Hospitality

With Cape & Kantary, hotelier Tirawan Taechaubol breathes new life into the...

Home Grown


Home Grown

A countertop composter that transforms everyday scraps into usable soil.

While crowds flock to the cen­trally lo­­cated Kuznechny Market, we suggest a visit to the other, less familiar markets—no less col­or­ful and far less touristed. In the Sitny and Tarzhkovsky areas, one gets an even more vivid idea of how Rus­sians live now. Here you will find babush­kas from the coun­tryside selling home­made honey along with mush­rooms and berries col­lected in the for­est. You'll also come across Uzbeks peddling rare spices and dried herbs, such as zira, which grows in the Chatkal moun­tains, as well as Azer­bai­jani traders offering the juiciest to­­ma­toes you will ever taste.


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