In Paris: The Best-Kept Secret

Anyone who seriously wants to see—and actually understand—Paris needs to know Anne Muraro. Over the years this spunky 37-year-old Frenchwoman has led clients on private shopping trips to the closed-curtain areas of nearly every atelier in town and advised them on the clandestine worlds of the high-end art and antiques markets. (She specializes in vintage design; antiques from the Renaissance through the 1800s; 19th-century drawings, engravings, and paintings; as well as contemporary art.) She has revealed hidden details during in-depth excursions to Versailles and trekked visitors through Paris’s intriguing and little-known early-19th-century covered passageways. The tour guide of choice for a cadre of Middle East royals (not to mention Ultimate Fighting Champion Chuck Liddell), Muraro masterfully and thoroughly ushers her charges through the Louvre, from the original fortress tower built in 1190 by Philip II to the three-year-old viewing quarters of the Mona Lisa—and everything in between—and she does it all in just under two hours. No request is too odd or too small for Muraro, who is on a first-name basis with the ace concierges at the George V, The Ritz, and the Palace hotels. All tours are private and custom-designed, starting at $140 an hour. To book, call Muraro at 33-6/60-64-65-02 or e-mail her at