Painless Body Wax

For those willing to endure the pain, waxing has always been a no-stubble alternative to shaving—especially for areas like the back, brow, and bikini. Hair takes longer to grow in and gets thinner each time. But traditional chemical formulas are sticky and pull the skin along with the hair, making it feel like a layer of raw dermis has just been exposed. Argentine Noemi Grupenmager has changed all that. After about two years of research and development, she created a natural green wax made from pine sap, beeswax, and aloe vera. The unique formula has an elasticity to it that allows the wax to grab the hair without hardening on the skin, making removal almost painless. Grupenmager’s Uni.K.Wax centers are sleek, spa-like salons outfitted with on-site laboratories where aestheticians prepare personalized canisters for each treatment. Go to for locations.