Orbo Design

Utilitarian floor art

Brooklyn, NY
What happens when a painter and a furniture designer join forces? In this case: utilitarian floor art. Or, more precisely, unique, hand-painted canvas rugs that bring a touch of Mark Rothko into your home. They are from Orbo Design, located in Williamsburg, and are the collaborative creation of painter Kristin Ordahl and designer Kelly Bortoluzzi. The perfect accent for a kitchen, hallway, or living room, these rugs are popping up in all sorts of spaces, from Nantucket beach houses to New York City lofts (even Martha Stewart's potting shed will soon sport one). Each is made of heavy cotton canvas, the texture of which is subtly revealed beneath the brilliant colors that come from layers of thinned acrylic paint, known as a transparent stain. The rugs are durable, thanks to four coats of floor varnish, and easy to sponge clean. A rubber mat keeps them from slipping. Price: $46 a square foot (they range from $328 for 32 inches square to $2,484 for six by nine feet). 718-384-7404; www.orbodesign.com.