NYC’s Pure Yoga Studio

In New York City, yoga studios are a dime a dozen, with a mix of Vinyasa, hot yoga, and Ashtanga. Enter Pure Yoga, a Hong Kong–based studio that debuted its first Stateside location last fall, with plans to open other outposts throughout the country. It offers an unprecedented 19 types of yoga (and more than 120 classes a week) under its very zenlike roof. Spread out over four floors, the 20,000-square-foot space has a living green wall, a footbridge made from Brazilian hardwood, and a café that serves healthy postworkout snacks. With the studio’s emphasis on advancing one’s practice, there is a rope wall for Iyengar devotees, a Zenyasa class that combines yoga with push-up-like positions and meditation, and plenty of beginners’ sessions for students new to the mat. 203 E. 86th St.; 212-360-1888;