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A letter, says Emily Post, is "a mirror which reflects your taste and character." So what does it mean when people stamp their names sideways, upside down, even smack in the middle of their notecards? Relax, says Megan Kuntze of Crane & Co.'s new Black Label couture line: "The only rule in stationery today is that there are none." 800-572-0024

For those who can't completely wean themselves off Emily Post: a twist on tradition that shows a little more flash with only a little more risk.

Based on the style of 19th-century French calling cards. But where do you write? Simply pretend it's not there and scribble as usual.

The "reflection" treatment may be narcissistic, but it's also practical. "The trend is shorter, more concise notes," Kuntze explains.

The iconoclastic approach. There is no traditional or practical basis for this one, but Kuntze reports it is becoming increasingly popular.

Approximates a handwritten sign-off. (Virginia Woolf supposedly favored this style.) For a personal touch, Kuntze says, "get your signature engraved."


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