New York’s Great Shave Salon

Adriel Reboh

For those among you, myself not included, who’ve never seen the point of spending “that kind of money” on a haircut and shave, not to mention—God forbid—anything as radical as a 30-minute “recharge” facial, may I suggest the new Paul Labrecque Gentlemen’s Salon and Barbershop at the Core Club in Midtown. Not that any of us needs yet newer ways to fritter away our fortunes, but would I promise if I weren’t a true believer? The Core Club is usually a closed-membership place, but Labrecque, who has two other Manhattan salons, opened an enclave in the stylish private club last year. As for me, I’ve loathed the barber since my dad forced me into buzz cuts as a kid. There’s no forcing here: The Core outpost is, besides being intime and elegant as hell with its Warhols and Basquiats hung about the minimalist setting, as comfy as home. It’s one client at a time here, and in addition to all the luxe pampering and a scalp massage by Reesa, there’s the best, hands down, steam and sauna in New York. From $70 for a haircut to $75 for the Men’s Recharge facial. At 66 E. 55th St.;