New Treatment for Pain Relief

A Park Avenue podiatrist has developed an effective, non-invasive alternative to treating foot pain.

Park Avenue podiatrist Suzanne Levine had been suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome and knew that deep infrared (IR) was sometimes used for athletes’ soft-tissue injuries. So she decided to test her office’s IR machine on her wrists. The pain started to fade and, after two weeks of daily treatments, had improved so thoroughly that she no longer needed surgery. Levine has now used IR on about 250 patients to treat everything from neuromas to swollen bunions to plantar fasciitis. The treatment involves holding the light directly against the affected parts of the foot for several seconds. The infrared wavelengths increase fibroblasts, wound-healing cells. “Our follow-up shows that the treatments are more effective than lidocaine, steroids or physical therapy,” says Levine. “And the amazing thing is, there are no complications, downtime or discomfort.” The recommended course is three to six treatments at $150 each;