New in the Med

A spa with a view

Thalassa hotel and spa, the recently opened resort in Cyprus, is the latest in a growing list of properties that name themselves after the Greek word for sea. But we can forgive the lack of originality: The 58 lovely rooms in the town of Paphos, just above the waters of Coral Bay, overlook the sea—if not the Aegean, then at least the Mediterranean. It hardly matters. What we love about Thalassa is how important it considers the business of pampering. The hotel has, among other staff, 13 butlers, each of whom is a personal Jeeves, handling everything from archaeological day-trips to arranging for an herb-infused Trahana body wrap. Even though Jeeves may sometimes become a third wheel (especially at dinner), we wish every hotel took service so seriously. Rates, $345-$2,400; 357-26/881-500;