New Antiaging Skin Care

Twenty years ago Manhattan plastic surgeon Dr. Gerald Imber found himself involved in the launch of a new skincare line. “But I backed out,” he says. “I couldn’t lie. The stuff didn’t work.” Imber, a regular contributor to this magazine, has long been considered a naysayer when it comes to antiaging products. We even quoted him in a 2007 article in which he said, “Nothing works a miracle.” And he still believes it. The preface to Imber’s latest book, The New Youth Corridor (American Media, October 2009), an update of the first edition, published in 1997, states, “Will all this actually prevent aging? No….But it will surely slow down its effects.” According to Imber, “They don’t make bad creams anymore, with all the technology available today.” What’s important is finding the right combination, which is the key to Imber’s philosophy of prevention, maintenance, and correction, a system he calls Youth Corridor. Hence the title of his books and new skincare line, which he spent two years developing. The six products are built around an antioxidant serum of vitamins C and E and melatonin, a combination never tried before but that Imber has now proven effective in reducing free-radical damage—which causes redness, inflammation, wrinkles, and sagging skin. The line consists of a cleansing foam ($35), an eye cream ($85), a skin brightener ($85), a moisturizer with SPF 30 ($45) and one without ($40), and the serum ($145). Available at