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Mandarin Oriental’s Custom Spa Treatments

The hotel's spas are now offering personalized treatment sessions tailored to each client's specific needs.

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Classic deep-tissue massages and Ayurvedic treatments have their time and place, but sometimes life calls for something a bit more customized. Mandarin Oriental’s Signature Spa Therapy may be new to the spa menu, but it’s very much a combination of traditional Chinese medicine and modern aromatherapy. Each two-hour treatment is tailored to the guest based on an in-depth consultation that takes place at the beginning of the session. After you answer a series of questions (“Do you have dry, itchy eyes?”; “Are you a list maker?”), a therapist determines your yin-yang balance and elemental state (wood, fire, earth, metal, water), then reveals which of the five treatments and custom-blended essential oils will be applied. Each therapy differs based on the element—fire incorporates slow movements and acupressure to relax and revitalize; wood employs heat to release tension and detoxify—but all are meant to restore equilibrium between the body and the mind. Nutritional guidance is given at the end of the session. The bespoke treatments are offered at all Mandarin Oriental spas in the United States and Europe, including just-opened hotels in Las Vegas and Barcelona, for $450.


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