Makeup Masters

Two top makeup artists have opened new studios, Dexter Phillips in Manhattan and Kimara Ahnert in Greenwich, Connecticut.

Among beauty cognoscenti, Dexter Phillip is best known for his customizable cosmetic line, DEX New York Modern Minerals, which not only includes colors to match every skin tone for women from Sweden to Sudan, but also contains antiaging properties and active ingredients that help prevent breakouts. The makeup artist’s latest project is the private studio he opened in a town house on Manhattan’s East 65th Street (services start at $35;, behind the Plaza Athénée. “When I sit with my clients in the backyard garden for their one-on-one consultations,” says Phillip, “we can smell what’s cooking at the hotel.” It makes for great aromatherapy.

Eighteen blocks up, on Madison Avenue, is Kimara Ahnert’s elegant makeup and skincare studio (services start at $15;, which has serviced the likes of Isabella Rossellini and Tinsley Mortimer since 1998. Now Ahnert’s dedicated clientele has the option of visiting her second studio, in Greenwich, Connecticut, which just opened in November. “I wanted to create an ambiance that greatly differs from the department store cosmetic counter,” says Ahnert, “a place where everyone knows your name and skin type.”