Maison Kammerzell

Landmark building in Strasbourg

The late-15th-century Maison Kammerzell is one of the landmark buildings of the city, a steep-roofed, lead-windowed, half-timbered exemplar of Alsatian domestic architecture. It houses the nine-room Hôtel Baumann, and thinking the rooms would have some of the period charm of the exterior, we booked two nights there last fall. Beauty is only skin-deep in this case, for the rooms have as little style (and much of the built-in decor) as those in a college dorm. The hallways are painted battleship gray, making for an eternal twilight, and the room numbers are displayed on fixtures that look like CD holders. The coup de grâce: Upon checkout the desk clerk asked to borrow my pen! $66-$105. 16 Place de la Cathédrale; 33-388-32-42-14; fax 33-388-23-03-92.