Mail-Order Meze

While we marvel at the hostess who has the wherewithal to prepare every last morsel herself, we don’t know how we would get through a cocktail party without the trusted aid of Payard’s indispensable canapés ($75; and Swifty’s savory caramelized bacon ($30 a pound; 212-535-6000). Those saving graces, unfortunately, are only available to residents of Manhattan, but luckily the purveyors below are happy to make overnight deliveries nationwide.

William Poll makes frankfurter papillons that kick the pig in a blanket up a notch. $25; 212-288-0501

Neiman Marcus’s stylish brochettes include spicy lamb and salmon wasabi. $80; 888-888-4757

Dean & Deluca arranges a tray of miniaturized comfort-food favorites. $70; 800-221-7714

Hancock Gourmet Lobster suggests serving its shrimp-and-lobster bisque in demitasse cups. $28 a quart; 800-552-0142

D’Artagnan’s French Kisses—prunes filled with foie gras—are perfect small bites. $12; 800-327-8246