Magnificent Mish

Designer Mish Tworkowski's glittering creations

On a quiet side street of Manhattan's Upper East Side is a new boutique as playful and chic as its wares. Like compartments in a jewel box, MISH NEW YORK's lavender, coral, and cornflower-blue rooms display designer Mish Tworkowski's glittering creations: necklaces of LifeSaver-like ruby beads, earclips of South Sea baroque pearls as big as cottonballs, lariats of aquamarines (above) and cascading torsades of sapphires to drape from the neck or wrap around the wrist. "I wanted the store to have an old-fashioned, Palm Beach feel but also to be fresh, almost tropical, like Mustique," Mish says. "Jewelry isn't boring, so why should its environment be?" At 131 E. 70th St.; 212-734-3500.