Luxe Life

From Russia with linens

Guests at the Astoria in St. Petersburg and the Hotel Amigo in Brussels have already slept on Volga linens, the exquisite bedding made of pure Russian flax. Those who haven't can buy the hand-embroidered linen, which includes quilted bedcovers ($680), damask tablecloths ($335), pajamas ($160), and kitchen towels ($6). London-based owner and designer Theresa Tollemache uses traditional Russian artisans to weave the flax "just like in the old days," she says (one factory Tollemache works with made the Kremlin's linens). Volga products are sold through its catalogue and at stores such as Stella in New York; Tollemache also does custom orders. Volga Linen Company, 44-1728-635-020; Stella, 138 West Broadway; 212-233-9610.