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Craving ceviche? Perhaps a perfectly prepared risotto with salad—maybe baby arugula with shards of Parmesan and sugar-sweet cherry tomatoes? Welcome to the Vogue Café. Of course it’s chic: How could it not be seeing that it’s a collaboration between the fashion magazine and cool guy–about–town Arkady Novikov, who has some 50 other restaurants throughout Moscow? We can’t necessarily vouch for all of them, but the Vogue Café is first-rate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It has, in fact, a sort of Rick’s Café feel to it—i.e., everybody eventually shows up at some point, whether before the Bolshoi (the theater is within walking distance) or for lunch after shopping at GUM, the überstylish department store a few blocks away. The look is Nouveau Inter­na­tional, with tableware by British designer Jasper Con­ran, black-and-white photographs by the likes of Avedon and Penn, and a top-notch staff, which is not always easy to find in the new Mos­cow. Lunch, $100. At 7/9 Kuznetsky Most; 7-495/623-1701.


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