Lunch Hideaway

Not wanting to be just another designer with a shop in Palermo Viejo, Marisa Carreras turned her century-old casa into something more. El Ultimo Beso is part store—there's a lovely collection of clothing for women as well as a few home items—and part restaurant, with a marvelous little garden hidden away from the neighborhood bustle. Inside, the space is filled with snowy leather sofas, pickled wooden tables, and porcelain crockery, all set off by antique candlesticks and tablecloths trimmed in rose, lilac, and aqua to match the colorful dresses hanging nearby. And outside, white roses curl up trellises and a stone fountain gurgles. The delicately prepared dishes include prosciutto-and-nut salad, sautéed octopus glazed with orange, and risotto with grilled eggplant. Lunch, $30. At 4880 Nicaragua; 54-11/4832-7711;