London Gallery

Jay Jopling's White Cube²

The Sensation exhibition may have left a thorn in the side of the New York art world, but across the pond Jay Jopling, the champion of the YBAs, or Young British Artists, is going from strength to strength. The prodigious dealer, the same who launched Damien Hirst and Tracey Emin, et al., has opened a second London gallery—White Cube2. Significantly, this impeccably simple cuboid space, top-lit with a translucent ceiling, is in Hoxton Square—a bold architectural and geographical statement. It's way east in a gritty enclave that, for the last year, has been challenging the West End to become the new center of Britain's contemporary art world. Jopling's migration has much to do with the space required to show larger work. Hoxton has the warehouses to convert. Jopling's new outpost is twice the size of his original gallery in St. James's. It's a bit of a hike, but not for true collectors of the avant-garde. Just remember, dress down. 48 Hoxton Square; London N1 6PB, England; 44-20-7930-5373.