Korean Celadon

Techniques have been handed down through generations

The best Korean celadon is produced in a few small villages where techniques have been handed down through generations since their introduction by the Chinese over 1,200 years ago. Luckily for us, these wares are available from the smart boutique Asian Style in Seattle. The Crane Vase is a traditional design for which each crane figure is hand-carved in the freshly formed clay, then inlaid with white and black clay for its body and legs before being glazed. "The work is so personal that an experienced eye immediately knows the village, and even artist, that produced a piece," confided Chen-Shin Jung, co-owner of Asian Style. The Lattice Vase is made by one of Jung's favorite artisans, who carves the decorative work on the outer surface while leaving the inner wall solid and waterproof. $3-$1,200. 915 Western Avenue; 206-628-3099; fax 206-628-3235.