Just Asking

The invisible man

Andrew Harper is the publisher of that little gem the Hideaway Report—a monthly newsletter coveted by 25,000 readers for its opinionated, charmingly grumpy reviews of hotels and resorts. In his 25th year of steering travelers toward their homes away from home, Harper (whose name is not Harper) took a few questions.

What is your real name?
I can't tell you that because I have to remain anonymous wherever I check in.

Why Andrew Harper?
It's a Scottish family name on my father's side. It has a solid, honest ring to it.

What's your favorite new hotel?
The Sanctuary on Kiawah Island. It's an oceanfront jewel near Charleston [South Carolina] with a spectacular beach, championship golf courses, and a great spa.

And the biggest hotel no-no?
Lumpy, uncomfortable beds. Many places have simply forgotten that hotels are supposed to be places to sleep!

Do you ever check in to a hotel without thinking like a critic?
No. It drives my wife nuts. I even think that way when I go to people's homes.

Where could you return time and again?
The Stafford hotel in London. My wife and I have spent many Christmases there. It's a very warmhearted place.

Is there a perfect hotel out there?
In all my travels I have never found one. That's why I keep searching.

How many airline miles do you have?
I think British Airways owes me a 747.
—Dory Kornfeld