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The digital revolution redux

Serious photographers have long turned up their noses at digital cameras. No matter the sophistication of the computer chip, the quality still couldn't match the richness and color of film. Now Polaroid—yes, Polaroid—is introducing the x530, a digital camera with an innovative image sensor that records light the way film does, in three primary-color layers. The sensor was actually developed in 2002 by Foveon, a Silicon Valley startup that won astonished praise for its invention ("the Holy Grail," one critic called it). But since the chip was available only in a $1,500 camera made by Sigma, it didn't catch on. That's about to change. In June, the $399 x530 arrives in stores, bringing with it a 4.5-megapixel sensor, a high-resolution zoom lens, camcorder-quality video recording, and a depth of color unrivaled by any point-and-shoot we've tried.