The Indian Ocean: Indonesia

Big adventure

Komodo Diving
WHERE Pink Sand Beach on Komodo Island, Indonesia, so called for its extraordinary rosy color, the result of red-coral dust.

WHAT TO DO Snorkel and dive on the reef with swirling schools of fish, bright coral, and 70 species of sponges. Night diving is superb.

LOOK OUT FOR Wild pigs and the occasional Komodo Dragon. The pigs run at the sight of people, but watch out for the giant lizards.

WHOM TO CALL For boat charters, contact DiveKomodo and request a trip with owner Mark Heighes. He specializes in rich, seldom-visited waters. Rates, $2,200 $; 62-361-728-874;

Be Sure to Pack
Rosa Cha by Amir Slama parrot-print bikini. Designed in Brazil, it fits in anywhere toucans do. $130; 866-476-7224.

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