Incredible Edibles

Olive oils, chocolates and cookbooks

WORLD'S HEALTHIEST OLIVE OIL? When his son was born five years ago, so was Italian film director Armando Manni's obsession with giving him the best possible olive oil. He assembled a panel of scientists to advise him, then started cultivating fields in Tuscany. The result: Per Mio Figlio, an extravirgin olive oil that he says has more than four times the polyphenols (which act as antioxidants) found in leading oils. To prevent nutrient-killing oxidation, he bottles it in glass that blocks UV rays. The oil is sold through his Web site ( and swirled onto dishes at restaurants like Milan's Cracco Peck, Rome's La Pergola, Jean Georges in New York, and Vincenti in Los Angeles. Price: $245 for ten 100-ml bottles (two-day delivery).

—Jackie Cooperman

ANY PORT IN A TRUFFLE A classic way to end a meal is with a glass of port and a dark-chocolate truffle. Now renowned chocolatier Jacques Torres, former pastry chef at New York's Le Cirque, takes this pairing one step further. In his new Bin 27 port-flavored truffles, the silky, almost-bitter chocolate ganache filling is a perfect foil for syrupy, cassis-scented port (Fonseca Bin no. 27). Excellent on their own, they are even better with a glass of you-know-what. From $40 a pound by mail order (718-875-9772) or at

—Melissa Clark

THE COOK, HER HUSBAND, AND THE TYPESETTER Since this trio founded Ici La Press last year, they've been busy bringing previously untranslated cookbooks by top European chefs and food writers to the English-speaking world. Bernard Jarrier-Cabernet (the husband) acquires them on buying trips. At home in Connecticut they're nicely translated; then Carole Peck (the cook, a chef at her own restaurant) tests and adapts the recipes for American cooks. (Can you guess where Dennis Pistone fits in?) Titles so far include The Flavors of Sicily by Anna Tasca Lanza; The Notebooks of Michel Bras: Dessert; The Good Cuisine by Françoise Bernard and Alain Ducasse; and this fall's Ziryab: Authentic Arab Cuisine by Farouk Mardam-Bey and Marvelous Recipes from the French Heartland by Régis Marcon. Call 866-463-9910;

—John Knecht