Hotel Music Comes Out of the Elevator

Luxury hotels have long catered to the tastes of guests. Along the way they became tastemakers themselves by releasing chicly curated compilation albums. The Hôtel Costes in Paris is often called the pioneer of these trendy, hip factor-boosting hotel "sound tracks"—its nine volumes, mixed by music genius Stéphane Pompougnac, are a favorite of deejays worldwide—and others have followed suit.

Baglioni Hotels

The film noir tone set by soft jazz and mellow vocals on Baglioni’s Styled in Italy evokes a club in Europe where men in tuxedos and women in gowns anticipate a Bogart/Bacall moment. The first track alone ("Flamenco Sketches" by the Dining Rooms) makes it a must-have. * * * *

National Hotel Miami

On Chillout Sessions I & II, languid overtures that recall beach sunsets mix with the pounding dance beats favored by the body-conscious party people at the hotel’s hopping Zee Pool Lounge. It’s quintessential Miami. * * *

Hotel Byblos St.-Tropez

Volume III’s two CDs cleverly mirror an evening at this famed jet-set spot: Dinner at Bayader carries the relaxed vibe of the house restaurant while Live at Les Caves du Roy features party tracks like those blasted at the notorious nightclub. * * * *

The Soho Hotel London

This double disc blends recent releases by up-and-coming bands with Top 40 favorites and not-too-indie pop stars such as the Scissor Sisters, Ryan Adams, and Nick Drake. Not exactly risky or unexpected, but eminently listenable. * * *

Park Hyatt Tokyo

Can an album from the hotel featured in Lost in Translation not make you feel lonely? The cool modern jazz on Airflow spells "business trip" and will have you yearning for the flight home (which may explain the CD title). Paging Bill Murray. * *