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High-Tech Smokes

Bressay debuts its space-age humidor

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In its effort to combine cutting-edge technology with functional art, Bressay has debuted its space-age humidor. One look and it's no surprise to learn that the company's corporate owner is a NASA contractor that has worked on the International Space Station and the Mars Pathfinder. The interior may be lined with the requisite Spanish cedar, but state-of-the-art features set it apart from traditional models. The shell is tooled to within a few thousandths of an inch in thickness from a single billet of aerospace-grade aluminum (which is far less permeable than wood) and anodized so that the surface will not wear. Two spotlights for reading cigar bands automatically go on when the box is opened, and gas springs close the lid at the touch of a feather. A digital humidity readout on the outside eliminates the need to open the box to check conditions inside. $3,800. For information: 818-845-6375;


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