Healing Your Feet

Steven Noble

Can these soles be saved? We posed that question to Dr. Suzanne Levine, a Manhattan podiatrist in practice for more than 20 years, and her answer was a resounding yes—no matter the problem.

How are feet affected by aging? The balls of our feet, the fatty cushions, can carry three times our body weight. By age 40 those cushions flatten out, especially on women who spend most of their years wearing stilettos. Calluses form and a burning, tingling sensation occurs whenever high heels are worn for prolonged periods of time.

Can anything be done to bring back that youthful step? I developed a procedure I call Pillows for Your Feet, in which I inject Sculptra, a filler, into the balls of the feet to create soft, billowy implants. It takes two minutes to do on each foot, has no harmful side effects because nothing is seeping into the bloodstream, and can last nine months to a year. Best part: You can slip on those Louboutins and go out the same night.

What about yellowed nails and cracked heels that make feet unattractive? Feet are an integral part of the antiaging process: If the feet hurt, the body cannot build up endorphins that keep us feeling young. Getting a “foot facial” once a month is key. It’s not a pedicure but a treatment done by a registered nurse using a whitening agent for the nails, medical-grade Urea cream on the heels, and surgical tools that leave feet feeling and looking baby-soft.

Dr. Levine’s Institute Beauté is located at 885 Park Ave. (212-535-0229; institutebeaute.com). A Pillows for Your Feet procedure is $500; a foot facial, $325.