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Haute Hombres

Inside Noma


Inside Noma

In search of obsession, the discovery of something far more powerful inside the...

The Hoodie of the Future


The Hoodie of the Future

British clothier Vollebak makes garments for today’s superhero.

De Boer on the move in the dining room, the main bar and open kitchen in view.


Old-Fashioned Luxury, With Simple Ingredients

With Stissing House, Clare de Boer brings her fresh, unfussy food to Pine Plains,...

Buenos Aires isn't the place to have a bespoke suit made. Smart T-shirts, jeans, jackets, and polo jerseys are the reigning style for porteños, and a number of designers have given the look a sophisticated polish. Etiqueta Negra is the most refined of the bunch, doing modern, Gucciesque clothes with a bit more machismo: velvet blazers, cashmere sweaters, leather jackets, perfect logoless tees. The label has blossomed into something closer to a lifestyle—like plenty of B.A. men, you could easily wear nothing else. There are six stores in town; the Patio Bullrich flagship (1229 Posadas; 54-11/4814-7430;, filled with polo tackle, old photos, even a vintage motorcycle, is the one to know.

Somewhere between Marc Jacobs and Paul Smith is Felix (1670 Gurruchaga; 54-11/ 4832-2994;, B.A.'s edgiest men's store. The dark indigo jeans ($60) and pajama-soft T-shirts ($25) are the things to buy here—though your son might go wild for designer Martín Egozcue's rock-and-roll denim jackets. Egozcue is also creative director of Bensimon (Galerías Pacífico, corner of Florida and Córdoba; 54-11/ 5555-5238;, Felix's preppier big brother. The cuts are more conservative—straight-fitting chinos, tame dress shirts—but there's still plenty of playfulness in the striped socks ($25) and cotton sweatshirts with woven designs ($60).

For expensive denim, it's all at Mercer (4677 El Salvador; 54-11/4831-4891). Fabián Venturino's cavernous space in Palermo Soho displays some 50 vintage-inspired designs, each crafted from fabric imported from Japan or Italy; his other label, Balthazar (5131 Gorriti; 54-11/4834-6235;, has an outpost a few blocks from Mercer and one in San Telmo (1008 Defensa; 54-11/4300-6926). No artful distressing or frayed edges here. The striped French-cuff shirts are Egyptian cotton ($130); the handwoven scarves ($100) are alpaca dyed pale blue or lavender.

The newcomer to the group is Spina (5887 Gorriti; 54-11/ 4774-3574; In a small showroom in Palermo Hollywood, Flavio Spina and Carla Cando create traditional but whimsical pieces, like pants with hand-embroidered waistbands ($125) and jackets with floral-print linings ($360).


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