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Wormsloe State Historic Site in Savannah is likely the city’s most iconic spot. It’s home to a dusty path lined by two rows of doleful oak trees.


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Our Favorite Shop-Small Destinations of the Year

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The New Name in Thai Hospitality

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The most common fantasy among weary urbanites is giving it all up to buy their own winery. (Mr. Big, the stereotypical Manhattan businessman in Sex and the City, did precisely that in the show’s fourth season.) Unfortunately, owning a vineyard is plagued by hard work and uneven results. But now there’s a new option: shares, which allow aspiring winemakers to buy or lease their own vines at well-established wineries and create libations with the help of world-renowned vintners—all while staying in pastoral settings with palatial cellars and famous chefs. Here, a few pioneers.

Cal Celdoni

The Property The 15th-century Cal Celdoni castle sits on a vineyard in Spain’s Conca de Barberà wine region near Barcelona.

The Draw Cal Celdoni combines old-world tradition (the medieval castillo that members can use for private events) with cutting-edge technology (a 140,000-square-foot state-of-the-art cellar).

On-Hand Expert Ferran Adrià of El Bulli—the world-famous restaurant in Spain’s Gerona province—is head chef, and the menu displays the best of his wizardry, such as the signature round olives he created specifically for the winery.

The Details Each member gets a 25-year title to 20 GPS-identified vines as well as 42 custom-label bottles a year. A onetime fee of $5,125 applies, plus $40 in monthly dues. 34-902/177-100;

The Napa Valley Reserve

The Property Sixty miles north of San Francisco, these 80 acres are planted with Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot and anchored by rustic winery buildings and barns.

The Draw Members work with vintners to create their own private-label blend. Olive groves, orchards, and a garden provide the fresh produce featured during meals. At the property’s beehives, members learn to harvest their own honey.

On-Hand Expert The Reserve is the brainchild of H. William Harlan, founder of the respected Harlan Estate winery, and his team guides members through every step of the process.

The Details Annual dues are $5,000 and members automatically receive six cases of wine (though some choose to buy up to 75 cases). There is a $150,000 initiation fee. 707-968-3192;

Vineyard Estates

The Property Twenty-four ecologically friendly homes will stand alongside the vineyards of the 2,000-acre Kluge Estate in Virginia, seven miles from Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello.

The Draw Most houses—which are custom-built to a new mem­ber’s preferences—will come with at least half an acre of grape-yielding land. Home­owners can choose do-it-yourself winemaking or a collaborative effort with professionals.

On-Hand Expert Patricia Kluge, the founder of Kluge Estate, has assembled a team of wine geniuses, including Gabriele Rausse, the Italian who is credited with the revival of Virginia’s vines.

The Details The 6,000-square-foot houses will be designed in six styles, from early Virginian to early modern. The first is scheduled to be completed this spring, and prices will range from $6 million to $23 million. 866-789-8463;


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