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In Good Health

Think of Flagship Healthcare as the cure for the common HMO: This member-based service provides clients with 24/7 access to its network of more than 1,000 specialists around the world (including doctors in 30 cities in the United States). Need an appointment with an orthopedist in Rome at nine tomorrow morning? It's yours—and il dottore will be waiting with your full chart, medical history, and X-rays. If you're traveling somewhere Flagship has not yet established connections, the company will find you a doctor anyway, or, in an emergency, arrange for a flight from the local hospital to another of your preference. Flagship's setup charge is $200; there's a $1,500 annual fee for the principal member and $500 for each additional family member. Keep in mind that these rates do not include physicians' fees. 212-340-9100;


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