Gloria de Pallejá

Barcelona furniture designer

When it comes to Barcelona's best-looking contemporary-furniture designer, Gloria de Pallejá, beauty is as beauty does. As the glamorous fortysomething-year-old puts it, "My collection is designed with emotion and freedom in which I have tried to reflect my own identity and aesthetics." This translates into about 50 pieces—chairs, sofas, tables, lamps, consoles, and chests of drawers—that are notably clean of limb, elegant of line, and pleasing in proportion. The Truman I armchair ($3,190 with matching pouf, $1,511), demonstrates an exquisitely appropriate use of diverse materials—perforated metal and round-headed nails are expertly combined with dark limed oak and a choice of velvet or leather to create a harmonious, well-proportioned, modern classic. No wonder she has done work for the queen of understated chic, Jil Sander. Prices from $495 to $18,600. Studio/showroom: 13 Calle Josep Bertrand; 34-93-240-1500;
fax 34-93-240-1501.