Get Your Shots

Jets, helicopters, GPS devices, and satellite phones may have radically changed travel to the world’s most exotic corners, but a tsetse fly deep in the Serengeti won’t be deterred by WiFi access. Many far-flung destinations still require vaccinations, and you can’t leave it to government authorities to look out for your well-being. But Travel Health Services, housed in one of New York’s most elegant and historic Upper East Side townhouses (it’s decorated by John Saladino), will handle all the angles for you. The office can even pack you off with a bespoke emergency medical kit that includes any prescriptions you might need, along with a list of safety procedures and precautions for your destination.

“To be thorough, we take into account medical history, itinerary, level of immunity, and season of travel,” says the clinic’s medical director, Bradley Connor, M.D. “We’ve done things like help diabetics manage their medications across twelve time zones—situations their internist probably doesn’t encounter every day.” The clinic can also provide lists of local medical contacts with whom it maintains relationships, essentially acting as a health concierge. And if prevention fails and you come home with any unwanted souvenirs, Connor has particularly useful expertise in the area of gastrointestinal disorders.

Consultations are $65–$150, plus vaccine fees. At 50 E. 69th St.; 212-734-3000;