Fruit Centerpieces

Hand-sculpted by Unico

San Francisco
The fruit basket has been a symbol of abundance and prosperity since ancient times, when the day's fresh offerings were plucked from the branch and laid on the table by the same hand. Today, Unico's fruit centerpieces are arranged with that same personal touch. No molds are used, as each leaf and piece of fruit is hand-sculpted by a husband-and-wife team in their Umbria studio, and both baskets and pedestals are turned on a wheel. The artisans also hand-mix and apply the paint, making each basket unique. For those who prefer the unpainted look, a vegetable-based dye is used to replicate years of patination. About $275-$735. At Arte Italica in New York (212-213-4773) and San Francisco (415-490-5722).

Establishment sells to the trade only.