Four Seasons Hotel Singapore

Featuring mini-massages in the health club

Only an hour after my arrival at the Four Seasons Hotel Singapore , and I am having a quickie. No, I'm not that kind of girl. "Quickies" are mini-massages in the hotel's health club, available to jet-lagged travelers who don't have the time or inclination for the full-court press. Here's the formula for recovery when you've spent most of the past 24 hours on a plane: Have a "Gardenia" treatment(20 minutes of traditional palm and upper-arm massage) or a "Hibiscus"(Swedish strokes performed while you are sitting upright), possibly accompanied by an hour in the flotation tank. While you're being pummeled, indulge in one of the unusual tea-and-cake selections matched to your massage, like the minty herbal tea served with a slice of rose bread, or an organic green tea served with red-bean jelly. Back in your room, wrap up in a Frette robe with a typically Indonesian ikat design, borrow a movie on laser disc from the lending library, and fall asleep on the Four Seasons' fabled mattress (available for purchase). Next morning it's back to the club for a healthy breakfast: fresh-squeezed watermelon juice and low-fat granola with the creamiest yogurt, or possibly the local gruel called nasi lemak. You're good to go. "Quickies," $15; rooms, $285-$2,700. 190 Orchard Boulevard, Singapore 248646; 800-819-5053;

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