The Fixer

John Heaton

AREA OF EXPERTISE With a focus on Mexico and Central America—including Guatemala, Belize, and Honduras—Heaton crafts private journeys for families and small groups.
PEDIGREE Born to American and French parents, Heaton moved to Guatemala in 1986, where he lives in the former colonial capital of Antigua. He also has a home in Paris.
PROPERTIES Heaton's Antigua property, Quinta Maconda, is a four-room villa with a striking collection of antiques. His jungle retreat, Rancho Corozal, is on the Río Dulce, Guatemala.
SPECIAL ACCESS Heaton holds the keys to seldom-seen private homes, planes, and boats (such as a 55-foot-long sloop in the islands off Honduras). Don't miss the Helicopter Safari, which involves circling Guatemala's volcanoes.
CLIENTS Francis Ford Coppola, Lee Radziwill, Ashley Judd.
ETC. All tours are bespoke; prices range from $200 to $1,000 a day. 502-7/832-1480;