Five Questions For Jeffrey Chodorow

  1. What’s the most outrageous entrée you’ve seen on a restaurant menu?
    It’s a tie: the cod sperm sushi at Sushi of Gari in New York and the raw chicken heart, gizzard, breast, and leg I tried in Tokyo. There are quite a few of these raw chicken restaurants in Japan and I figured, when in Tokyo…I wouldn’t say I’d order it again, but it was interesting.
  2. Your choice: Critical darling with an empty dining room or a thorough panning with a packed house?
    Packed house any day. I respect the opinion of diners more than the critics’, generally speaking. I would be happiest if critics didn’t exist and all restaurants thrived only on word of mouth.
  3. What is the most decadent meal you have ever had?
    If you look at me, you can tell I’ve had a lot of decadent meals. Two standouts are an 18-course, white-truffle dinner at Alain Ducasse in New York and a ten-course caviar dinner paired with the world’s best vodka at Caviar Kaspia in Paris.
  4. Nothing goes with steak quite like…
    Linguine with clam sauce. It’s why I created Tuscan Steak in Miami Beach. The Palm in New York has an Italian bent and makes an incredible linguine with clam sauce. I wanted a steakhouse where I could have this dish with my T-bone.
  5. It’s your last meal—you can order one item off the menu of any restaurant you’ve ever owned. What would it be?
    This is a difficult one. If pressed, I’d choose a Japanese Wagyu rib eye with shaved black truffles accompanied by white-truffle creamed corn with more truffles shaved on top from Kobe Club in New York.

Chodorow’s China Grill Management owns 25 restaurants across the United States and three international locations in Mexico City and London. The most recent additions to his empire are Asia de Cuba in Scottsdale, Arizona; Suka in London; and Borough Food & Drink in New York.