Ferrari’s New York City Showroom

Michael Moran/Courtesy Ferrari

The Italian car company introduces a new breed of sports car, the California, at its recently opened Park Avenue showroom.

The passion Enzo Ferrari brought to the company he founded more than 60 years ago has evolved into a lifestyle that transcends its racing history, that of the prancing horse insignia and classic red that was simply the color assigned by the International Automobile Federation to Italian grand prix cars back then. Witness the new California, below, designed to appeal to the novice sports-car driver—and the recently opened showroom-store on the corner of 55th Street and Park Avenue in Manhattan, left.


The California has both analog and digital indicators with a large 3-D rev counter centered behind the steering wheel, which features a system control derived from Formula 1 cars.

Motorsports Jacket

The leather used to make this jacket is the same that’s used for the car’s interior and seats—and can be ordered in a color to match. $1,200.


Equipped with an exclusive traction-control system developed from F1 racing, and optimized to allow less-experienced drivers to get the most out of the car in terms of cornering, safety, and stability, the California also features a “launch” button on the center console that takes it from 0 to 60 in 3.9 seconds. The California starts at $196,500.

Tod’s for Ferrari

Not only does Diego Della Valle, the founder of Tod’s shoes, own a Ferrari, he’s good friends with the company’s chairman, Luca di Montezemolo. So it was inevitable that Tod’s design a driving shoe exclusively for Ferrari, sold only in Ferrari stores. $495, in brown, gray, and, of course, racing-red suede.

Custom Luggage

“The only way you can get these bags is to convince a Ferrari California owner to sell them to you,” says store manager Kaseim Morris. Designed for long road trips as well as city jaunts, the California has an optional back bench that stores two custom-made leather duffle bags instead of rear seats.

Carbon Fiber Chess Set

Made of the same material used in Ferrari bodies, except the California, which is built entirely of aluminum. $2,600.