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French twists

Paris designer Johanna Braitbart's witty and dashing accessories are inspired by 19th-century fashion, but there's nothing old-fashioned about them. The 27-year-old designer, who's worked for Givenchy, attaches rabbit-fur fringe to lace chokers, turns tangles of feathers into necklaces, and studs her theatrical headpieces with antique pearls. It's easy to spend an hour in her tiny, overflowing boutique unearthing treasures like a metal comb sprouting a beaded flower with a Swarovski crystal center ($77) and suede and silk bags adorned with ribbons, lace, and feathers ($180 and $120). Braitbart makes everything by hand because, she says, "the point is to be unique. No one likes arriving at a party and seeing three other women with the same purse." At 8 Passage du Grand Cerf; 33-1-44-82-09-29.