Fancy Faucets

Bacarat and Serdaneli

Even if you've just completed a renovation of your bathroom and the thought of one more fixture produces a migraine, Baccarat presents several exceptionally beautiful reasons to change your mind—and faucets. In partnership with Serdaneli, the prestigious designer of bathroom hardware for residences, hotels, and yachts, Baccarat has designed four remarkable sets of handblown crystal and 24-karat gold-plated solid-brass faucets. Named after some of France's most famous châteaux, they represent an outstanding pairing of form and function.

Consider fanciful Valençay. Its crystal body is encased top and bottom by flower petals, a frieze of 24-karat garlanded bows draped around its middle. Lapis lazuli, aventurine, malachite, or tiger's-eye may be ordered for the top, as well as blue, green, red, or clear crystal. Rambouillet, with its engraved crystal set inside 24-karat golden bronze pillars, seems almost like a small temple. Inspired by the golden age of French decorative arts, the ornamentation is light and graceful. Again, the dome is available in colored crystal or semiprecious stones. These and the other two fixtures (Chenonceau and Villandry) are mini-masterpieces of glassblowing and engraving technique. They are also incomparable handmaidens to one's daily ablutions. $5,000-$6,000 per set. For information, 877-737-3872;