Euro Stars

A recent journey from Stockholm to Vienna to fashion week in Milan and a weekend on Italy’s Lake Garda was full of highlights. Here, the best of them.

1. Biff Rydberg at Teatergrillen, Stockholm. This restaurant’s version of the Swedish classic—a blend of diced fried potatoes, onions, and cooked sirloin combined with raw egg and fresh horseradish—may be one of the top five dishes in the world. 46-8/5450-3565;

2. Aspesi on Via Montenapoleone, Milan. Alberto Aspesi’s clothing has long been difficult to find outside of Lombardy. Now the company has opened a gargantuan shop on Milan’s lane of luxury goods, and it’s equally generous to men and women. 39-02/861-792;

3. Villa Feltrinelli, Lake Garda, Italy. General manager Markus Odermatt runs a tight ship. This is one of those properties that never feels dated; it actually improves with age. 39-0365/798-000;

4. Air Dolomiti I’m no fan of the lurid aqua accents on this Italian (but German-managed) airline, but the Pucciesque scarves on the crew and the house Prosecco are delightfully smart touches.

Journalist and media entrepreneur Tyler Brûlé is the founding editor of Wallpaper magazine.