Dr. Brandt’s Ten-Minute Necklift

On a recent visit to the Manhattan offices of dermatologist Fredric Brandt, I witnessed a number of men in their fifties and sixties queuing up for the new Aluma Laser treatment—an FDA-approved noninvasive procedure that tightens loose skin in ten minutes without scarring. “A lot of men,” says Brandt, “want to do something to treat their turkey necks and jowls, but they don’t want to deal with surgery and recuperation time.” Aluma Laser uses radio frequencies to heat the skin and tighten the collagen underneath. As Brandt passes an energized suction cup over the area to be treated, sections are pinched, heated, then released. I watched Jeffrey Wolfson, a New York podiatrist, have it done. “It was painless,” he told me afterward, “and I’ve noticed a drastic difference after the first four times. My neck doesn’t hang as much.” Brandt recommends four to six treatments (at $1,000 each) and a reevaluation after one year. 212-889-7096 or 305-443-6606