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Dazzled by Daslu

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Our Favorite Shop-Small Destinations of the Year

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As much about sociology as it is about shopping, Daslu is a "lifestyle" store—or that's what they call it. Which means it more resembles a San Diego resort or a McMansion than any store we know. You can arrive by helicopter and, once inside, are led around by sales assistants whose haircuts and bodies (this being the land of universal plastic surgery) are much better than yours. You can find anything here—imported fashion from Gap to Armani, Banana Republic to McQueen, Gucci, Vuitton, Prada, the works. There are major Brazilian designers, not-so-major ones, bikinis, evening dresses, Daslu Bebê, Daslu Girl, Daslu Teen. (I got a great summer bag made out of silk and printed with multicolor ribbons by Très Chic, a local label.) Furniture, china, even entire Valcucine kitchens are for sale. There's an espresso bar, Champagne bar, sushi bar, wine bar, and fancy Italian restaurant. It's all, to be honest, a bit much. And the real fun isn't shopping but watching Brazilians shop—with reckless abandon. Women wanting to try something on simply toss off their clothes and wander around half naked. The pièce de résistance is a phalanx of young women dressed up like French maids—black dresses, frilly white aprons—to serve you. Want a coffee? Need an alteration? At 131 Avda. Chedid Jafet, Vila Olímpia; 55-11/3841-4000;


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