Dancing Shoes

Few things are as quintessentially Argentine as tango—and few items are as well done in Buenos Aires as tango shoes. Tango Brujo (754 Esmeralda; 54-11/4325-8264; tangobrujo.com.ar) sells some 400 pairs a month—and as many as 1,200 dur-ing festivals—to the city's professional dancers; these are for serious milongueros. The styles, matched to each shopper by his or her personal fitter, range from sober, comfortable practice models to tower-heeled sandals of gold and glitter (women's, $50–$65; men's, $60–$80). Comme Il Faut ($ 1239 Arenales, Apt. M; 54-11/4815-5690) is where tango meets fashion. Alicia Muñiz founded the label after years on the tango circuit, opening a leopard-covered jewel box of a shop. For each client Muñiz and her partner, Raquel Coltrinari, bring out dozens to choose from, each more vibrant and sensual than the last. Within minutes the floor is littered with mountains of suede, silk, and leather—sexy creations with three-inch heels and uppers of filmy silk or patterned lamé edged in velvet, tasseled with lace, or garlanded with bloodred ribbons.

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