Custom Scented Lotions

Diptyque has always urged clients to layer scents, lighting multiple candles at once. Now it's launched a mix-and-match lotion line as well.

When the Parisian candle company Diptyque introduced its first three scents (Aubépine, Cannelle, and Thé) in 1963, it promoted burning the candles simultaneously to create “a fusion of fragrances.” In the same vein, the company has introduced its Art of Body line of lotions, scrubs, and soaps last April with five products, each containing a citrus or woody note. This month, notes like lavender honey and floral water have been added to new items in the collection. The most popular custom combinations in each of Diptyque’s 11 locations worldwide show that preferences vary not only from city to city but by neighborhood as well. “There aren’t really any rules,” says Gregory Costanza, the company’s West Coast regional manager. “We encourage clients to mix from our five different scent categories: herbal, floral, spicy, woody, and fruity.” Candle trios, from $84; body products, from $38;


Each season Diptyque releases a themed trio. Up next: a springtime mix of green mint, coriander, and lemon verbena.


Londoners like to layer the orange candle with either saffron or cinnamon. On Manhattan’s Bleecker Street, patchouli is often paired with rose.


San Franciscans like the Essence of Galliano candle (the designer’s own blend of leather, birch, and incense) paired with tuberose.


The Carthage body polish uses pomegranate seed oil and jasmine water. Costanza recommends pairing it with the orange blossom body lotion.


At its new Madison Avenue store in New York City, gardenia is paired with jasmine. In Paris, rose is layered with tea or lily of the valley.

Great Tip

Costanza recommends placing different-scented candles at opposite ends of the room so that the aromas converge in the center.


When we reported last January on Fresh’s Creme Ancienne and the monks who hand-blend it, the moisturizer sold out. Now an eye cream has been added to the line, made of the same oils and waxes in the moisturizer, but with extra ingredients that target the sensitive eye area. $95;