The Corthay Excellence Run

Robert Whitman

A classic car rally through the Alps draws a crowd.

Fine leather. It’s as important to the smell and feel of a great sports car as it is to the comfort and wear of a stylish shoe. Throw in exceptional craftsmanship and you have the passion of Pierre Corthay, the creative mind behind his eponymous brand of bespoke and ready-to-wear men’s shoes made in France. To celebrate this passion, Corthay established the Corthay Excellence Run, a car rally of classics built during the golden age of auto design, between 1950 and ’70. The first took place in Switzerland in 2011; this year’s will travel through Italy in July. His latest store openings in Dubai and Hong Kong join flagships in Paris, London and Tokyo, where his artisanal footwear is inspired by the front end and sleek lines of automobiles. For more details, go to