Cool Pool

Mexican idyll

The 16th-century city of Campeche has so far remained off many travelers' radar. But with the old, low-slung yellow houses being restored, this east coast colonial town is on the rise. Most recently refreshed is the collection of former homes that compose the new Hacienda Puerta Campeche, in the heart of the Old Town. Opened by Grupo Plan—the Mexican company that also owns the haciendas Temozon, Santa Rosa, San Jose, and Uayamon—the 15 rooms are a tribute to the Campeche of yore: adobe-tiled floors, mustard-colored walls, and bathrooms with skylights and limestone sinks. What's startlingly modern, at least in spirit, is Campeche's pool. It is actually a series of pools contained by the roofless shells of colonial houses, with hammocks strung between the walls and hanging just above the water. The effect is enchanting and wholly original. Rates, $280-$450; 800-325-3589;