Buying Custom Shoes at Louboutin’s Atelier

My first thought after my fiancé popped the question was the dress. But then, being a shoe person, my thoughts went south—flats or high heels, white or crème? Who better to call than Christian Louboutin. Specifically Madame Hebert, who’s in charge of appointments at his atelier.

Called Minuit Moins 7, the Louboutin atelier opened three years ago to meet the growing demand for made-to-measure shoes. Located on Rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau, the same street as Louboutin’s ready-to-wear boutique, the atelier is a highly specialized workshop, where every conceivable type of shoe is customized for doe-eyed brides and voracious clients with deep pockets.

Getting the perfect shoe is a wonderfully luxurious—and long—process. To begin, there’s the appointment with Fred Rolland, who heads the workshop. A mold of the foot is taken and a wooden form made. Next, a series of fittings to ensure that the shape is just right, and, finally, the addition of embellishments, sprinkled like so many toppings on a cupcake.

In honor of my fiancé’s Italian roots, Louboutin decided that my shoes should be decorated with…pasta. First Rolland made “farfalle” out of resin. Later Louboutin himself combined the elements as only he can, using a beautiful rough linen for the fabric, feathers and sparkles for accents. And—voilà!—my slippers were ready.

An initial mold of the foot starts at $3,400; total cost depends on materials and the intricacy of design. For an appointment, call 33-1/42-36-05-31.