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Bowled Over

The Ideal Bag


The Ideal Bag

Métier’s Closer is the day-to-night briefcase of your dreams.

Photography by Timothy A. Clary/AFP via Getty Images.


The Last Word on the US Open

Carvell Wallace on greatness, Serena, and the US Open’s best menswear.

De Boer on the move in the dining room, the main bar and open kitchen in view.


Old-Fashioned Luxury, With Simple Ingredients

With Stissing House, Clare de Boer brings her fresh, unfussy food to Pine Plains,...

Who says delicate objects can't have rough beginnings? Each of these unique bowls is hand-hewn from a coarse block of sedimentary stone containing amethyst, lapis, or other semiprecious material found in the mountains of Pakistan and India. "I think of it as making nature functional," says Christopher Gow, co-owner of Ruzzetti & Gow in New York City, who discovered them in Rajasthan. Among the choices: conglomerate ($110), jasper ($420), and a rare green conglomerate ($110). For information and to order: 212-327-4281.


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