Bottoms Up!

Cristal Saint-Louis martini glass

Cheers to the splendid dichotomy of lead and lightness, tradition and modernity. That's what Cristal Saint-Louis has produced in their brand-new exquisitely modern martini glass, the "Diabolo." This from the esteemed firm that was dubbed Royal Glassworks (Verrerie Royal) in 1767 by King Louis XV.

The best crystal, like this, both absorbs and refracts light. As much an objet as a piece of barware, the seven-ounce Diabolo exudes Jazz Age chic, Deco elegance, and cutting-edge 21st century--equally at home in the Cub Room of All About Eve, or the lobby of any W Hotel. It's pleasing to hold, the balance between its faceted ball base and sleek conical top a sheer marvel of the glassblower's craft. If you opt for just one more martini . . . well, the Diabolo made you do it! $115. Call 800-238-5522 for store information.